How to Prepare Cat Fish Pepper Soup in Nigeria

Cat fish pepper soup is of the commonest pepper soup type found in almost all the Nigeria Africa restaurant and it is so much known as point and kill. When the word point and kill is mention cat fish pepper soup joint surfaces.

It’s a common thing when you get to any Nigeria restaurant and feel like you want to take a pepper soup all you need do is to point to a live one of your choice and it will be killed and prepared for you. Cat fish is a fresh water fish which are found almost every where there is a presence of river around the country. Mostly in the riverine area of the country. Cat Fish can also be cultivated with artificial watery system, pond and even natural river. The reason why it is so common nowadays is because more people are into it cultivation and sells for earning income purposes.

Now let see how this mouth watery pepper soup is prepared.


1. Fresh Cat fish

2. Saint Leave

3. Calabash seed (4 of it)

4. Stock cube (two cube of Maggi star)

5. Salt to taste

6. Pepper

7. Cray fish

8. Onions

Tools Needed

1. Stove

2. Pot

3. A bowl

4. A knife

5. Mortar and pestle

Note: Calabash seeds are gotten from a calabash at the process of preparing the calabash. I believe we all know that calabash is gotten from a plant tree. A tree produces the calabash and inside it we have the seeds. The calabash is just like the fruit of the tree.

Direction for Preparing the Pepper Soup

– Chop your onions and keep aside.

– Crush your Cray fish and keep aside too.

– Set your pot on the stove and pour in your Calabash seeds and fry like your are frying popcorn or groundnut.

– After frying, remove it and peel it to get the inside content. Put it together and pound or crush it in a mortal and set it aside.

– Cut the fish to piece of your choice and pour into bowl and wash properly.

– Set your pot on the stove and pour in some water and heat the fish to a boiling point.

– Fetch some and pour on the fish in the bowl. This will make the skin of the fish to be harden to avoid fallen apart during the cooking.

– After that, hand picks the fish one after the other and put in the cooking pot and set it on the stove.

– Add in your chopped onions, pepper, Saint Leaves, stock cube, Cray fish and the Calabash seed. And cover it and leave to cook for 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes you are done.  You can now serve your Cat fish pepper soup.

I know with this knowledge it will take you time visiting point and kill joint… any time you feel like doing things your own way, feel free and get a live one and do the doing yourself. I bet it will be fun.

You can serve with a chilled drink and you will never forget the experience.

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